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Carol Susi, Laura Matakanski, Helen Corcoran, Dr. Michael Fields DMD

Easton Family Dental was established in April of 2010. Since our opening, we have been providing our patients with excellent dental care.  Our staff is harmonious and we get along wonderfully because we have been working together for many years. We are located at 584 Washington Street (Rt. 138) in South Easton, Massachusetts next to Wendy's, at the intersection of Central Street and Washington Street.  Our office also provides in-house orthodontics by Dr. Joan Petros DMD and her staff. If you have any inquiries about Dr. Petros's service or hours, please contact her separate phone line at (508) 238-4300.

Dr. Fields has been a practicing general dentist for 31 years.  He received his bachelor's degree from Boston University in 1982 and then earned his doctorate from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in 1986.  Dr. Fields is also passionate about photography and many of his photographs are proudly displayed throughout the office. Dr. Fields currently resides in North Easton, Massachusetts with his wife and two children.

Dr. Michael Fields DMD


Carol Susi LDA

Carol is a licensed dental assistant and has been working with Dr. Fields for 30 years. She is very friendly and outgoing with everyone she encounters and is extremely comforting towards patients. Carol currently resides in Braintree, Massachusetts with her husband and two children.

Laura Matakanski RDH

Helen Corcoran-Manager

Laura has been a registered dental hygienist for over 30 years.  She has been working alongside Dr. Fields for over 25 years.  Laura is well-known among her patients for being extremely gentle and friendly.  Laura currently resides in Mansfield, Massachusetts with her husband.

Helen joined Easton Family Dental in May of 2013 as Practice Manager. She has a strong finance background with over 15 years of experience in billing and coding and she also has excellent interpersonal skills. Helen currently resides in Halifax, Massachusetts with her husband and child.

From left to right: Carol Susi, Laura Matakanski, Helen Corcoran, and Dr. Fields.

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